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  1. Cat385B

    She does love me

    Alan, after you decon tonight, can you give us a breakdown of the controls and specs on that thing?
  2. Cat385B

    She does love me

    Very nice shape for the age, and not missing removable parts. Very nice.
  3. Cat385B

    Winter project

    Ray, any interference with reverse and the seat when your ass is planted in it?
  4. Cat385B

    Yard work and my equipment for doing it.

    Nice way to honor her memory, Ray. I like that the R/T got a spin around the yard. Everyone and their dog has a JD. There is only one R/T.
  5. Cat385B

    Hill Top adventures

    We stopped in the local grocer tonight, needed whip and macadamia nuts for making Golden Cadillacs. Wife came around the corner with a pack of tp. I asked her if they were fully stocked, she replied she got one of the last ones. I made her put it back. There are folks out there living week to...
  6. Cat385B

    Not Mine Ariens GT 16

    I wish....
  7. Cat385B

    Not Mine Ariens GT 16

    Blower and small deck project:
  8. Cat385B

    ‘04 Frame Rot

    It’s weird, the top and mid body lines are inline, but not the bottom.
  9. Cat385B

    ‘04 Frame Rot

    Been like that since new, they’re built like that.
  10. Cat385B

    ‘04 Frame Rot

    I switched over to a rust converter and am happy with the results. I will wait until late spring or early summer before I paint the underside. The shed where my truck resides is a dirt floor, and gets moisture in the spring thaw. It’s where the rust is coming from. Also, it’s anniversary time...
  11. Cat385B

    Sno tec by Ariens.

    Sno Tek’s use a Chonda engine, LCT.
  12. Cat385B

    Carb adaptation

    I think there’s a doohicky on his whattadoyacallit.
  13. Cat385B

    For Sale Ariens GT16

  14. Cat385B

    Spark plugs

    AC Delco for the vehicles, NGK for everything else.
  15. Cat385B

    Call me redneck but....

    In the summer when you go out fishing, someone goes flying by and rocks your boat. In the winter, someone parks next to ya and water comes gushing out of the hole ya drilled. Much more peaceful.
  16. Cat385B

    Carb adaptation

    My local small engine shop has a really old tin Onan sign. Cut and bent into a really neat ashtray.
  17. Cat385B

    Rebuild of MF 1655 mower deck pulley

    The timed pulleys are because they made (or didn’t have the room) the deck with all three blades inline, correct?
  18. Cat385B

    Fastenal freight

    It can be an oversized pallet, I’ve seen a 4x7 pallet used for a SCUT loader, no issues reported.
  19. Cat385B

    Dreaming of spring.

    Just saying you might want to think outside the box. Maybe a winter beater show on a lake. Mix it with a little fishing, or some trap shooting. Or, go real old-school and find a small pond and do some ice pond racing. My ‘75 Volare with the slant six did pretty good with snows on the rear and...
  20. Cat385B

    the forecasted .6" of snow

    How long does a cup of coffee last ya? About .6 of an hour?