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  1. olcowhand

    Ford 641 Water Pump

    There's a TEA 20 carb on ebay, but sheez they are proud of it! $417.99 US!
  2. olcowhand

    Side mid mount sickle bar mower. (Massey Pony/pacer)

    Mowing ditches and steep banks is why I'm mounting a 4' sickle to the mid-side of my Bush Hog HD-12. Wish I had the manual for ya, but no have.
  3. olcowhand

    Show VGTCOA EXPO 2020

    Same question as jabelman....what's that mounted outboard on that 10XL crank??
  4. olcowhand

    Show VGTCOA EXPO 2020

    Thankw for sharing Alan!
  5. olcowhand

    Made a score today!

    You're getting there Kenny!
  6. olcowhand

    Can danco loaders be adapted to other tractors?

    Oh, just seen it was on a Gravely. I'm kinda slow.
  7. olcowhand

    Can danco loaders be adapted to other tractors?

    If on a Sears, it's more than likely a Kwik Way. Does it have self leveling arms?
  8. olcowhand

    Can danco loaders be adapted to other tractors?

    Anything can be adapted IF you have it.....go buy that loader!!
  9. olcowhand

    Have a D4-10 Bush Hog Garden Tractor looking for a new home.

    A replacement cluster gear just isn't available. One must find an entire tractor that still has a good one. That tractor does appear to be in excellent condition, sans the bad gear. I already have 2 of that model, but no extra cluster gear. Scott has a Facebook page you could post it for...
  10. olcowhand

    Hoping to Build This Soon.

    Looks great Kenny!
  11. olcowhand

    What did you do with your tractor today?

    Grass is greener than ever this time of July! We had a short dry spell in June, but since we've had lots of rain, so mowing every 3 or 4 days still! With the hot weather I'm over enjoying mowing.
  12. olcowhand

    I hate philips screws

    I've found as far as with 1/4" Impact drivers that Milwaukee bits seem to do the best.
  13. olcowhand

    Simplicity 7112H

    Same deck shell as the Massey 14/16 and yes, a nice cut!
  14. olcowhand

    Hoping to Build This Soon.

    Dang that's HOT! Take it easy Kenny!
  15. olcowhand

    I built a gooseneck

    You're a good Uncle!
  16. olcowhand

    case 220 refresh

    Very nice!
  17. olcowhand

    I’ve been in this house 28 years and

    Our last dog left us 3 or 4 years ago. Not gotten another and don't "plan" to, but if we do, I'll likely be the guilty party. All we have is "Momma Kitty", and after the flea infestation she is banished from the house. Flea battle finally won! If it's a bitter winter, she can come in BUT...
  18. olcowhand

    Amish tractor

    David Miller, the Amish guy who owns the salvage grocery we go to, plus does logging owns modern everything. Trucks, skidders, dozers....literally any modern vehicle. But he doesn't use grid electricity. His buildings/homes all use solar or generators. I don't understand it at all. I'd...
  19. olcowhand

    Sand blasting cabinet

    Now that's nice! He has fabbing skills!
  20. olcowhand

    Hoping to Build This Soon.

    Yep, too hot and the paint doesn't adhere as well and loses gloss.