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  1. Texas Horses Hogs and Deeres

    Post puller!

    I needed to take out a bunch of steel posts from a chain link fence that I replaced with a privacy fence for one of my customers. So I came up with using my engine hoist rachet straped in the bed of my truck. It worked really well and I didn't have to fight pulling those posts with concrete on them.
  2. Texas Horses Hogs and Deeres

    Kubota T1600 HST issues

    My neighbor has a T1600 with the 2 cylinder diesel. It's a great small lawn tractor but he's been having issues with it shutting down while mowing. It takes a few seconds to go from high idle to dying. It's not quick like cutting the fuel off. He has changed the fuel filter and it's not over...
  3. Texas Horses Hogs and Deeres

    Bad Gas!!

    Last week when I was mowing I went to use my Stihl weed eater and the primer bulb busted so I set it aside and thought I'd fix it next time I mow. This morning I went out to mow and changed out the primer bulb on the weed eater. Got it changed and it still wouldn't run hardly at all. I pulled...
  4. Texas Horses Hogs and Deeres

    Running a Water Line.

    Customer wanted a new water line run from they're place to they're son's new place. He can't afford to connect to the main yet, 4,500.00 to drop a meter in:mad:! So rented a new walk behind Ditch Witch trencher and got the trench cut in this morning at just over 400 feet. When he saves up enough...
  5. Texas Horses Hogs and Deeres

    Dad's Looking for a new GT-SCUT

    My Dad and Mom are tired of buying a new box store mower/tractor to mow with. They brought up the idea of gettingng somethting a little bigger and better built. They currently have a 2 year old MTD built riding tractor that has engine issues and it seems they only get 2 or 3 years out of this...
  6. Texas Horses Hogs and Deeres

    Replacing Broken Glass.

    Hey guys, My Daughter's 2004 Ford Explorer took a baseball shot to the passengers side rear quarter glass with a baseball the other day and I'm going to replace it myself. I found the correct tinted glass at my local auto recycler for $80.00 and found a paint and body supply house that sells...
  7. Texas Horses Hogs and Deeres

    Smokin in the boys room!

    Shorty posted a photo of Jr's ride smokin a little bit and it reminnded me of a Ford LGT145 that I bought a few years ago and got fired up in the shop 1 day. It burned a little oil!
  8. Texas Horses Hogs and Deeres

    Massey Ferguson Super 90

    I had a discussion with Daneil a few years back about a MF Super 90 that I ran for a neighbor that I worked for back when I was in high school. Daniel has one that I got to see at one of my visits to his place and I thought they didn't look the same. I finally figured it out I believe. Daniel's...