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  1. olcowhand

    Zip Tie Caddy

    Got tired of my various sizes of zip ties getting scattered everywhere, so just from scraps I made a carrier for them out of scrap piece of 2x10, various sizes of scrap PVC, some sheet rock screws, and cut off piece of 5 gallon bucket handle. The main center tube has 3 screws securing it...
  2. olcowhand

    Honda ATV Axle Nut Tool

    UPS dropped off my 41mm socket, so cut it in half and welded in 10" of thick wall pipe. It's 1" drive so I can use my 1" air impact or adapter for 1/2" cordless impact. No more struggling getting those fine thread nuts off! . The socket coating survived welding, so taped ends and put a coat...
  3. olcowhand

    New Forum! Tools!

    New forum here for you to post any new tool/tools you have acquired. So far it looks like I just may have set this up right! We'll soon see when you guys go to post here.
  4. olcowhand

    Other 2022 Ball Hollow Spring Plow Day

    I am planning to have a spring plow day spring of 2022. Been missing so many of my friends! Date is set, but subject to change. If rained out it will be put off till May 7th. Either date people can come the corresponding Friday and camp at the field and maybe do some headlight plowing. We...
  5. olcowhand

    Wanted Vintage Huffy Grill Needed

    Got my father-in-law's first riding mower and want to restore it, but the grill is missing. The attached rep pic shows the grill that I need that attaches as an extension to the hood. Hoping I can find one! Not asking for a freebie, as I will gladly pay a reasonable price plus shipping.
  6. olcowhand

    Plow Day Spring 2019 Kline Plow Day (IN)

    MAR 30 Sat 9 AM
  7. olcowhand

    Other No Ball Hollow Plow day This Year

    I've been putting this announcement off, as I am saddened to do it, but many things have been working against a plow day this year. First, my pain level has been going up, which takes any fun out of it for me personally, but the main issue is the ground conditions. Last Spring the back furrows...
  8. olcowhand

    Plow Day (CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN) Keck Gonnerman Plow Day 10/27/2018 Southwest Indiana

    (RAINED OUT) Keck plow day Turn south on Ford Rd. from hwy 62 about half way between Evansville and Mt Vernon Indiana. You can call Chuck at 812 453 9831 with any questions.
  9. olcowhand

    Show Lanesville Heritage Weekend Show

    September 13th through the 16th. A big show with literally hundreds of tractors, small engine displays, working exhibits such as sawmills, threshing, tractor pulls, musical entertainment, and more. PLENTY of food booths. Even has a small midway with rides for the kids. Read about it HERE...