1973 VW Super Beetle

Nice old bug so whats the story?
I have no story. It belongs to a customer at work, he just stopped by with it to pick up an estimate for some work we’re going to be doing on his truck.
I've never been a fan of those things. Not big into imports of any kind really.
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I’m not big into imports either, but these are one of the few I kind of like. Definitely wouldn’t be my first choice for a classic car though.
I like them. Had a 1967 one once. 73 super beetle had a rounded front windshield. I always thought that was the first year for a super beelte. But a fella not too far from me had a super beetle that had the flat windshield. His was a 1972, he said. So I’m not sure when super beetles were first introduced.

I love them and have had two. My first was a 64 Empi equipped. It had the bigger engine that was I believe a 1600 cc or 1400 what ever was above their standard that year. It had a Hurst quick shift pattern and I mean it was a short stroke between gears. Walnut dash trim, brake louvers, tight suspension and rust everywhere lol. I bought it with intentions of building a dune buggy using the Manx kit like Doug mentioned but never did. My other one was a nightmare with the electric shift it was always blowing fuses leaving Carol stranded. It was a beautiful car black outside with red interior. I pulled the engine and carried it to my basement to rebuild it. I remember getting all the tins off and realizing this ain’t much more than a mower engine. Lol Like Chris mentioned they were a hoot to drive.