Good Idea Or Not


Jim from Kentucky
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I’ve seen these small diameter firewood cutter setups several times on YouTube and Tictok. I don’t cut that much to justify building one. I’m not sure which would be easier having to lift the whole branch or bend over and cut on the ground. I seen one where the guy had his setup next to his trailer so the cut wood would fall into it.

You see these Buzz saws come up for sale on farm auctions quite frequently and they don't bring much. Same with the blades. I wouldn't have any issues with using one. Rather do it that way than bent over with a chainsaw. Pick up a bunch of wood with the loader forks and have the cut pieces drop into a wagon or conveyer.
I used on for a couple years, Found it quicker and easier to use an wood cross buck to hold the wood as it moves around with the pile a lot easier. Also the bigger stuff was cut on the ground on my hands and knees. Cut down the log one way, roll the log and cut back to the other end and have the log in blocks with out any lifting.
Back to the buzz saw, I just did a quick search within 100 miles and came up with at least 8 saw rigs ranging in price from $50 to $350 depending on how complete they were. Several were ready to cut wood. I don't think you should waist too much time trying to get the one you were looking at.
Just went back and did an actual search for Buzz Saw and probably came up with 2 dozen or more ads. Some looked to be in nice condition.
I was looking for power hacksaw before.
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