Has Anyone Used VHT Gloss Clear Engine Enamel Before?

Is VHT Gloss Clear Any Good?

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Hi Everybody,

I kind of went on a shopping spree at one of my local AutoZone's a couple days ago on Monday, and of course I left with more stuff than I went in for. I bought 3 t-shirts that I really liked for only $10.00 each, a beer hat for a beer that I actually drink, and what I went in for which was more Meguiars 105 Compound and more VHT gloss white engine paint. While I was getting my engine paint I noticed this VHT gloss clear engine enamel stuff next to my engine paint on the shelve in my picture below, and was debating on getting it for when I eventually paint my engine on my 6hp Craftsman to make it a bit shinier OR maybe to re-repaint my engine on my 10hp Craftsman. Has anyone used it?, is it any good?, or should I just stay away from it and not get it?

Any opinions, advice, and help is always much appreciated.