Loader Time Today


The guy that took down our trees picked up and dumped the dirt out of 8 large tractor tires for me. We used them for several years for raised strawberry beds but no longer do that after the old plants stopped producing. Used the Bever with loader to haul several buckets of dirt about 100 yds to the end of the house where the dirt settled next to the foundation. Worked really good with the 4 WD and low side in low could really get a nice bucket full of good dirt. Had the blade on the back for a little ballast weight but need to change the mounting as it won't lift high enough with the quick hitch.
I really like it, saves getting off the tractor to wrestle the implement around and the ball slid on the pins. I use a long chain, 2 links for the top attachment point. This quick hitch I got is actually make for a larger tractor but it will work on the compacts with different pins and bushings. Going to cut the top foot off the blade top point and move it back about a foot. This will give me plenty of blade lift to clear the ground at high spots. With the chain and bolt for the top link I can hook it all up from the tractor seat.