Nice one yesterday


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Not sure if it’s a V8 or not. Has duel exhaust. But there was one car around that was a slant six. And it had the duels out the back. They teed the pipe in the exhaust at the engine and ran the extra pipe all the way to the back.



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It has a "sleeper" look to it, Noel! Pretty cool!

My mother in law killed a slant 6 one time back in 1976! It was in a 1965 Valiant. Got a phone call from my then girlfriend at work to see if I could help. Boss let me go and a rod came out of the block and broke the starter off! MIL's brother showed up with a trailer soon after I got there so they got it out of McDonald's parking lot. I helped them shove it on the trailer and went back to work. Her brother put a different slant 6 in it and they drove it for years too!

I bought a 1966 Valiant from that guy a little over a year later and gave it to my then fiance' for high school graduation to use for a college car. it was a 2 door post, 3 on the tree with a 170 slant six. Yeah we were dating young and now we are old farts---LOL!