Only Thing Worse


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than a small engine that won't run is a Crapsman that won't run. Sat all summer since last winter. Started right off and ran good in December. Went to bring it up to the garage first of this week and it will only start on starting fluid but will not stay running. My son had this for a few years, and I had to clean the carb for him a couple times so he could use it. Guessing that is what it needs again but, no warm place to get it in, no patience any more for that kind of stuff and my back will not take bending down or getting up and down. Guess it will have to go to the small engine repair place and sit around till spring as he is probably swamped with snowblowers right now. Biggest problem is the carb, fuel line, etc. is all hid in behind a couple covers. Takes an hour to get the carb off and another hour to get it all back together again.
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