Tecumseh v twin anyone?

dodge trucker

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I know these were some of the last engines they made. Anyone know anything about them?
Yeah I know all Tecumseh engine are junk.
(Well any after they did away with adjustable carbs anyway. I still like the old LAVs and HS series haha)
I have a chance to get a brand new TVT691 for less than the few Kohler commands and Courage I can find for sale used. (And the Courage took Kohler from being "the best" to being a scourge.)
I'm looking to replace a defunct courage on a Husqvarna . I don't plan on keeping it around very long once whatever transplant goes into this machine. Wondering if this would fit in same footprint, though the courage is a single cylinder and the Tec engine is a v twin. If I fix the tractor I want a lazy quick and painless swap.
The only other thing I know about the Tec engine is that it is fully lubed with an external filter.


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I can honestly say I've never even see one.

I agree.. Aside from the H, HM and HS engines tecumseh built junk after that. My favorite engine is the HM80. Those things were tanks.