What is it?


Bill from Northampton County, Pennsylvania
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3 point / pto thingy.
I think you're missing something that should be mounted on the frame work. ???
Almost looks like it have been a chipper / shredder. Or the base of it.?
Just a wild guess.


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Cat got one of his guesses correct.
It's a PTO driven 200 amp alternator. That runs to a 12v battery and a 2500w (5000w surge) inverter. It's equivalent 20 amp 115v circuit. The reduction is 14 to1 so I should be able to run the tractor at 800 to 1,000 rpm and be spinning the alternator plenty fast enough to supply the inverter. The Mitsubishi had a 1000rpm PTO but neither of the tractors here now do so ratio's needed to be changed.

PTO power.jpg PTO power 2.jpg