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    Massey 1655 Three point a bit weak, drops under load.

    I'd definitely check the implement relief valve settings. If it is low, it just takes thin shims behind the spring to bump it up. It doesn't affect the hydro moving power at all if the implement relief setting is even pitifully low. I never even checked this relief valve as I never used this...
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    Back Yard Line-Up

    Quite the herd Rick!
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    What am I looking at?

    I would if I was you!
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    MF 7 mower deck timing repair.

    A regular split cotter pin cut off leaving just a 1/4" to bend over each way should clear everything.
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    MF 7 mower deck timing repair.

    What keeps the pins next to the gearboxes from rotating and getting the clips into the gearbox?
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    Front Electric PTO Clutch

    May be possible you have a spacer missing that goes between crank shoulder and part #2 causing #2 to bottom onto #1. I have a box of Cadet clutch parts. I'll take a look when I go out. Part #2 should spin free anytime the electromagnet isn't energized. Been a few years since working on...
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    Got a trophy, this time last year for this.

    Rick, if you're hauling politicians in anything, you have a load of s#!t already!
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    Easy connect pto adapter

    I'd not want to use this powering a bush hog in gnarly stuff, as having the U-joint further out will increase radial loads on the tractor's PTO shaft when operating at angles, and could break the shaft clean off. For light loads it'll do fine.
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    2020 garden season

    Picked the last of our sweet corn yesterday. Teresa and I shucked it, and she blanched it. In fridge awaiting us to take it off the cob tonight after Hunter goes home. About 2 1/2 bushels. A few more young ears still out there, but likely just have them for corn on the cob meals as it matures.
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    Setting top throttle speed

    I still have my "Vibra Tach", bu haven't used it since buying the photo tach, which is way more accurate. I did use the photo tach to test the accuracy of the vibra tach, and it was pretty close. I gave only like $8 for my photo tach, but that was a few years ago. They are around $12+ with...
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    MF 7 mower deck timing repair.

    I'd say roll pin or grade 8 bolt.
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    I Am Thinking Of Buying A Cub Cadet 124

    Being it has the 4 cast Farmall weights and the hydraulic lift option, the price isn't too far off the mark. The blade doesn't add a thing, as it's cobbled, not for this tractor. Myself, I'd go $300, maybe a bit more....if I were in the market, mainly for the hydraulic lift, but only if it ran...
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    What Is It Worth? Craftsman 131 Parts Tractor

    I agree with scrap price with maybe another $10 on top. $350 is insanely stupid high!
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    Setting top throttle speed

    You can always use metal furnace duct tape.