2003 f250 speedometer.


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Let me preface this by saying the issue is all my fault, and should have not have happened.

I bought a 2003 f250 auto 5.4 a year and a half ago. I got it for a beater plow truck, when the brake and ABS light came on, I wasn’t too worried. The front hubs were a little wobbly and on to do list, (The hubs have since been changed) I figure this was probably the cause for lights. Anyway, on some vehicles the gauge cluster has bulbs to light up the different parts. I decided to take the bulbs out until I did the hubs. When I took it apart, it had LEDs on a circuit board and not bulbs. So, I decided to pop them off the board. Did you just cringe? Yeah... stupid I know. Well, from what I know the ABS and speedo work off of the sensor in the rear differential, so this also cut out my speedometer. I immediately realized my mistake. I bought two different clusters off eBay and neither of them the Speedo worked. I have a check engine light for speed sensor A. I don’t know if sensor A is the one on the bellhousing, or the differential but I replaced both. I wasn’t sure if my hasty decision caused something to burn up or anything. After the two clusters didn’t work, I tried to solder over the old LED so it still had a circuit. This did not work. The speedometer I can live without, but I can’t get inspected and not having an odometer is a bit of a bummer for maintenance. Does anybody have ANY ideas? I am out of ideas myself.

I have a Bluetooth reader, using the reader it reports the trucks speed, but does not indicate speed through the gauge. Also, when I start the truck the gauge jumps all the way up and back down, all of the gauges do this so I know it has power