Bought another power unit.


THH&D it is a combine engine. Where did you get the serial # list to date it?

Mike; that is the proper oil filter. They spin on with a thread on the outside of the canister. That threaded end is not quite as big around as the rest of the canister and threads into an aluminum casting bolted to the outside of the block. There is a pipe that goes up the middle of the filter and you have to be careful not throw it out with the filter. This style filter was used on the B's; C's; CA's etc. The handle on the bell housing engages and disengages the clutch and the box behind it is a 540 rpm PTO. The power unit sat on the tongue of the combine in place of a PTO shaft and a short shaft went to the combine input box. I have also sent you another PM about the manual for the TJD's.....Dave
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