Chainsaw with broken points arm

Looks like a commercial logging operation, Noel! You have a full time job again!


Seems that way Doug. Wish I could spend more time at it. But work two hours at it in the morning, then sleep two hours in the afternoon. Hehe. Any way, that two hours takes the good right out of me most days.
I did get some carrots planted late yesterday afternoon at home.

Noel how many houses you planning to heat this winter? That's one big pile of wood. Ever thought about getting a saw mill?
My Son in-law has one and just loves the thing. Too much work for this old codger.

Two houses and my garage Chris. Yes I have thought about a saw mill, but there are saw mill operations around us not to far away. One of them we could take our wood to him and he would do it up.

This play house, swing set that my son built. All the wood came from a sawmill about a half hour away from him.



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