Not Mine Cub lo boy


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Nice tractor but the price is high.
Way over priced. Last year there were 3 on there for months and months. Not quite as nice but only a paint job away from it.

Those were 3000 and 3500.

I sent it to dad and he said it was a beauty but the guy was smoking something with that price.

Lance Skene

Alberta, Canada
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Ive had two of those IH Loboys... didnt look near that good but they were nice tractors to use... clutch is the weakest link... even the old IH Cub Cadets had a better clutch setup. Engines are only 14hp but they work well enough, and they are quiet. Around here that one might sell for $3500-$4000 but I wouldnt buy it.

My old MTD960 consistantly pulled anything either of those Loboys could... one had narrow ags the other had the wide turfs.