hand power or optional tow power, Parker sweeper

dodge trucker

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a recent curb find. Realtor "for sale" sign out front of the house, among other things that were priced as if they had tried to sell via garage sale. Just a few houses away from me, I dont remember ever seeing them have a sale.
I got a 30" Parker sweeper from the curb, looked barely used... not rusty, not faded, still even has a newish shine to it. bag was there and like brand new. And the brush that is usually "shot" by the time anyone throws these away looks like never used. looked too nice for the dump.
I have had it for about a week, but I guess I didn't look at it close enough. The right side wheel is bare, missing the tire.
Does anyone know a source for parts for these? I looked on Feebay and though no wheels right now there are 2 Parker sweepers that look like they were run hard and put away wet for crazy (asking) prices. so I think this one is worth fixing.