Honda oil drain mod

ol' stonebreaker

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Received my Billy Goat power rake yesterday. It won't get used until next spring due to Billy Goat having material/parts/manpower shortages and being about 2 months behind on delivery times.
Made up a mod for the oil drain before filling it. It just had a drain plug that would drain oil on the flat deck and I could foresee a mess to clean up. Started with a metric bolt and drilled a 7/32" hole thru it, then brazed a 1/4"pipe cap with a hole to the bolt. had to shim up the engine a little in order to screw the plug in. Now I can drain the oil into a container and not have a mess to clean up.
It made the truck freight trip w/o even any damage to the box it came in!! It starts and runs fine. The belt chatters a little when disengaged but I think this will go away when the belt and engine pulley get run in.