KGro PowerPro cutting issues


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Hi, Guys, New to the group if this post should go in another category please let me know.
I recently acquired a KGRO PowerPro 16HP 6 speed 42" cut. (1997) The tractor runs great but it cuts terribly uneven. The left side cuts almost to the ground at any deck setting under 6. I'm sure it can be adjusted but I have know Idea how, or what the standard set up would be. Also there are not any wheels or skids on this deck but there are brackets attached for them. I believe this may be a common problem with this brand but I would hate to give up on it. This cuts so bad I wont use it again for mowing until I can get it figured out.
I was hoping someone on this site may have one of these and could offer some assistance.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Daniel In KY
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Usually the side to side leveling adjustment is on the left side of the rear deck hangers. The front to back leveling is usually done by tightening the front deck hangers. You want the blades to be 1/8 to 1/4" lower in front than in back.