Loader Issues with Farm Pro 2420 with Koyker 140 loader


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I have a MGM Eagle (Farm Pro) 2420 2WD Tractor with power Steering and a Koyker 140 Loader on it. My problem is: The loader will not lift, it tries but just wont do it. Bucket curls just fine, and 3-Point hitch is strong (all operate off same pump). Now heres the kicker, When I steer the steering wheel to the left nearly all the way, the loader works perfect, but as soon as I let go of steering wheel , I cant raise it and if I try to lower it, it will drop fast. I bought this tractor t auction, and loaded it on the trailer ok, bucket lifted when steering was turned left. I have so far, replaced the Loader joystick valve assembly (set up as open center like old one was), the Diverter valve, Hydraulic fluid, screen. Power steering works great, Bucket curls strong enough to lift or move tractor, 3-point hight works and is strong. Pump seems to be fine, otherwise it would not operate loader when steering is cocked to left. I am out of ideas and could use some help. Thanks- john


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I sure hope someone here can help you. That's one I've not run across before. You say the bucket will curl with the wheel in any position but is it able to curl up with a load in the bucket?
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Daniel In KY
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Kind of sounds like a priority valve issue. But that's about as much as I can tell you.