Need help to identify very old tractor


I picked this up today and I'm pretty sure that it was originally a walk-behind garden tractor that some one has converted to a rider.

This has sprockets on the transmission and drive wheels for the old style detachable link chain like you see on old combines and manure spreaders.
I think this may be from the 20's or even back into the teens because it has the big screw down grease cups and the frame and wheel lugs are bolted together with square head nuts and bolts.
Also the steering column has the brackets under the steering wheel for engine control levers like the Model-T ford has but it is not a Model-T steering column.

This has an open spider gear type differential on the drive wheels so the wheels can turn at different speeds when turning.

The drive axle has cast mounting brackets on it.
The frame and other parts have very bad welding that tells me these are not factory items.

The transmission is powered from the front with a square input shaft.

The shift lever comes out of the side and is operated by a shifter bracket that is mounted on top of the transmission.

I think the front wheels are possibly off a planter or something like that.
They each have a boss cast into them with a hole in it for maybe a pin that would trip something each time the wheel rotated around ?
The front axle is obviously home made but it is a good enough design that I intend to keep it with maybe a little beefing up to strengthen it some.