Wanted need some info on a Peco vac

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as title says. picked up at a sale at a "too cheap not to" price, I think the PO had it mounted on a Cub, which is what I'd be using it on (129 with either a 38" or 42" deck (I have both, and both are "triangle" style decks with cast iron nose) need info on mounting to the tractor, and info on parts availability -- mainly a new bag and a boot for this tractor/ deck combo, but I may wind up fabbing that up if I come up empty. but I can't sew so I want to at least know where (if?) I can still get a new bag just in case..... think it's a 20 cu ft model, has 3hp Briggs on it, if engine is original to unit, the unit is a 1979ish vintage


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This is the large square platform type with the canvas bag? Kinda tall?