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Daniel In KY
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Feb 14, 2019
I've been putting this announcement off, as I am saddened to do it, but many things have been working against a plow day this year. First, my pain level has been going up, which takes any fun out of it for me personally, but the main issue is the ground conditions. Last Spring the back furrows and my sad old disc and sorry drag left the field with too many uneven spots for soybeans. Steve spent over a day leveling the entire main plow field with a 10' box blade to prep for planting, so I definitely wasn't going to plow that field this year. Then with a record setting rain year, and still raining buckets this year, the other fields have lots more washouts in them than they already had, so I don't need to break the ground open which would further the washing problem, as it's bad enough as is. I am sure going to miss seeing all of you that usually come, but hoping to maybe see some of you at other events. I still hope to have more plow events in the future, but this year it's best I don't. I am truly sorry guys. I had to post a date and location to post this in the events section, so ignore that.


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Daniel, don't you dare apologize.
You get better, and maybe next year things will be better at the Farm.
Thank you for the experience of plowing at Ball Hollow and if we can again, we will all be thankful.

Texas Horses Hogs and Deeres

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Daniel, as we all know too well life and circumstances can get in the way of any wants or plans. This will give you and Teresa the opportunity to do things at your own pace as time and physical abilities can handle. Look at what we've been thruough the past few years, I have made a plow day in a very long time. You have to put your health and wellness ahead of making a gathering for anyone else.

And look, there's also fall after the beans are cut if time and weather allow it.:thumbs:


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Well thats to bad Daniel, hopefully things get better for you. I always wanted to go to your plow day, but to far for me to travel. I will miss the pictures that are posted after plow day.



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Well I just thankful for the Plowdays that you did put on and the ones I got to. I'm sure there was lots of work and effort for each one of them that is unseen by us that go to them.
If you can't do it, you can't do it, there is always next yr.