Not a toy hauler


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Well at least most of the time lol.
But as long as I have two pickups in repair mode the wifes 04 Explorer might as well act up. :rolleyes:
I put an engine in it about 6 months ago after the original engine went south in a very bad way when the overhead cam timing chain system went south while she was driving it down the interstate.
It has been running like new up until now.
Quiet and smooth.
Now it decided to have a low rpm stumble,misfire condition.
I cleaned the MAF and replaced the coil pal with a good on I had,went thru the vacuums and connections.
I'm still leaning towards the MAF being bad.
But I took it to Auto Zone this morning and plugged it in.
I got three codes back.
All suggestions,nothing solid.
Suggesting the MAF is bad,or the Crank position sensor could be bad or the EGR system.
I have another crank position sensor so I will put that on next and give the EGR system a going over.