For Sale Old 78 rpm Records


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Have a stack about 3' high. About everything from dance bands, to vocal, instrumental, and ?? Few in albums, most are single in sleeves. Sleeves range for fair to poor to not there. Would be kind of heavy to ship. Went through some of them. In the photos the ones on the left are dance type music, on the right is instrumental & vocal. Last picture the albums on the left and another big stack of ?? on the right. In a storage container now. PM if interested. SW Iowa.

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I feel your pain. I have a similar stack of old favourites and a worn out record player to go with them, also a stack of 45's and a bunch of the plastic tabs that fit in them. Teenage years are but a memory until I hear that great old music, then I feel young again. Can't bring myself to let the old records go just yet. They'll probably fall into that swelling category of "the parent's revenge". That's all the treasures we've collected over the years and are leaving for our children to dispose of. We're paying them back for all the stuff they dragged home when they were little, outgrew, and left with us when they moved out. o_O.
A restaurant (The Dam Smokehouse) here in town covered the ceiling with old 78s. It looks really cool and it's fun to try and figure out which ones they are. They serve wonderful in house smoked brisket.
Around her most of the time there is no dumpster at the auction. Either got rid of it before or waiting till after the auction to bring it in.
A few years ago, barn quilts was the big thing. Patches painted on the barn or piece of plywood like a patch quilt. Wonder how the end of a barn would look covered with 78's?? Don't have a barn any more and the other buildings are steel. Might take a lot of screws though.
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Probably look pretty cool, Roger! Lot of work and the sun would probably crumble them in short order. It's a shame that most of the historical stuff we appreciate will end up in a landfill sooner than we would like to think. These newer generations don't seem to give a hoot. My kids are already scared of my junk too.