Post puller!

That’s a neat tool. Good price too. Are you gunna or does it require some sort of Jack stand to keep the truck from dropping while picking something up. Just wondering.


Actually thought about that but it seemed to help ease the post out of the ground with the compression of the leaf springs. It quit squatting when it got down on the overload springs!:thumbs:;):D

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We mounted 1 of those in a friend of mine truck. Had to end up bracing it to the side rail of the bed because the floor wasn't string enough to hold it vertical when you get up to that 1,000lb limit.

Yeah, I saw the reviews, so I'm mounting it on top of a 1/2" plate, which is itself bolted to the frame rail on one side, and two of the bed crossbraces front and back. I'd hate to be picking something up and have the bed tear out! Plan to make a U-bolt and tie it to the siderail too.