Reintroducing Miss Gertrude.


Wrabbit Rangler
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Gertie is a Ford 1720 that I bought from a friend who needed the cash. She may have a few dents and dings (and missing parts) but she saves me back a lot of work.

Those forks are dang near worthless.

She helps with awkward things.

She makes money moving dirt.

Emily drives her around sometimes.
Heath wants to...

But mostly this is my view


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Looking good Willie, complete with a phone dock. I've had many times this would have made me sleep better.


Daniel In KY
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Doesnt really matter who made it in my opinion. As long as it can be beneficial to you or provide some fun to someone, & youre not constantly fixing it... its worth having. Nice piece of equiptment you have there.
So very true! But if you follow Willie's thread, he's deeply anti-Ford, so we're just jerking his chain in a friendly way.


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My stupid neighbor just got rid of his 1720 and bought a much much smaller 2018 Kubota BX with a tiny backhoe on it. He told me how much it was but I forget. I do remember it being over $20,000. I don't think he even looked at the used ones that they had for $8k-$12k.

He Just put alot of money in the 1720. $1200 worth of clutch parts, $600 for front tires $400 and change for hydraulic lines $300 in steel and and many hours of fab work to build a new bucket for it. New starter, Battery, filters and fluid. He's not a very smart person. Wave something shinny in front of him and he's all over it even though the ford will out work that little Kubota any day of the week.


Wrabbit Rangler
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Gm did one time and it looked just like a Fordson with a squared up radiator tank. It only lasted a couple of years.

Sorry Willie!:eek:
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Well that was a hundred years ago things were much much different back then. Women also poured Lysol in their HooHa, and you could buy cocaine and all kinds of products.