Running a Water Line.

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Customer wanted a new water line run from they're place to they're son's new place. He can't afford to connect to the main yet, 4,500.00 to drop a meter in:mad:! So rented a new walk behind Ditch Witch trencher and got the trench cut in this morning at just over 400 feet. When he saves up enough to pay for the hookup, we'll come back out and make the connection on his side. It's Honda powered 22hp V-twin.



I got to thinking that these tracks would make a great GT project but I'm sure that Ditch Witch get a fortune for them.


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Those Ditch Witches are slick, used one 42 years ago, had never seen one previously.
Couple years ago was at my nephews and they needed a 400' trench for power line to new house,,,,he used his chainsaw. Obviously did not do the chain any good but quick and cheap enough. No doubt the saw came out when time to run power to new barn. Something to keep in mind for narrow trenches for sure.


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$4500 to drop a meter in is crazy. Rural water was going in when I bought the place and to get water to the corner of the property was $300 which included the pit & meter but that was 18 years ago too. But they had to run the line 1.25 miles to get from the main to the corner of my property. I knew the guy real well that was overseeing the installation and rather than stop at the corner he brought it another 200' and put it next to the drive.