Sears Engine (Happy Birthday to Me)


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I once knew a gentleman who used to say there was no sense keeping everything, because hearses don't have luggage racks.
I'd bet they don't have trailer hitches or ATMs either so I decided to treat myself to a birthday present.
I found this at a tractor show I was at over the weekend and it had a for sale tag on it.
I had never seen a Sears stationary engine before, and it kept calling to me.
At the end of the second day, I decided I was going to buy it and he decided that he was willing to come down on the price a little bit.
The magneto will make a spark, but it needs a new condenser. I believe I have that covered, but I won't be able to work on it for a few days. I also need a crank as this has so much compression I can't roll it over fast enough to start it.IMG_20200926_153437440.jpgScreenshot_20200928-203559.png


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Love those stationary engines! I was hoping one of them would be laying around that ranch where I have been collecting junk but so far, not. You have great help there Alan, creating great memories!



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Alan, have you seen this? Wico EK Magneto Type 2 Drive Instructions Stover The instruction says 3/32 but if I remember right, I was taught to use pennies.

They are sensitive to the way they trip. If the guide pin on the armature is worn it will cause issues. New pins and bushings are available.
I had it running. Well.
And then, nothing.
Barely a tickle

It is.making a tiny spark, but really small. No longer making a spark at the points.
Can't find any shorts, had it apart twice, about to either retrofit a system or send this out.
You had a name of a.guy, once.
Still have the number?