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A lot of folks want to plow, but are not versed in getting the plow set to their tractor. olcowhand wrote a fine article (over yonder)about this, I'm hoping this will add to the information.

Since I only have 10" &12" plows, I started by making a set up to get the tractor like it was in a furrow. With a 10" plow, you need the LH wheels up 5". Here's what I made. It's 2 4"X6" (3.5" X 5.5") blocks with a 4'+ 2"X6" screwed on top to make it 5" tall for a 10" plow.

And here is Alice 'assuming the position'.

I hooked up the 10" 3-point plow (converted sleeve hitch). I adjusted everything so the plow was setting flat on the ground. This gives you a basic setting that may need tweaked when you plow.

With the 3-point, you adjust the top link for getting it nearly flat forward to aft, slightly up in the rear (1/4"). Lift links on the arms adjust for side-to-side flatness. If you have a sleeve hitch plow, the only adjustment is the crank on the plow for forward to aft.

I then backed Alice off the boards and added a 1" piece for setting the 12" plow. Nothing changed from my initial settings. But ground conditions may vary and tweaking may be needed.

Best to read the above article and the manual for the plow. Just thought this may clarify things for some folks. Also, for those folks with a sleeve hitch, DO NOT snug the two bolts on the hitch to the plow! Let it have some swing, it will find it's center and follow you.
Also, set your lift so that when all the way down, the plow is just setting on the ground. With a 10" plow, you should have a furrow that is 5" deep.
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Great write up Kenny. We had a number of things working against us last night. Needed sway chains adjusted, plus the side to side tilt plus front to back. Plus the ground was so soft, it would fall down before going high enough on the moldboard to flip.
Very valuable info thanks for sharing. Good to know that and have it to refer you too.
Thinking over my issues a bit, I know I had several things working against us. One is our garden is on a slope and I wanted to flip uphill. Pulling in, the plow would swing down hill making it track far to the left. That sway chain needs to get shortened to eliminate that. Also the lower 3pt arms need to be raised so the lift is closer to bottoming out when down in the plowing position. Then the plow needs reset for the difference in the hitch.
One thing I found out was to get the inside of your front and rear tires inline. It will let you plow a lot straighter and plow easier.
also make sure your plow point is sharpened properly.
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