Snagged Some Tires Wheels


Jim from Kentucky
Staff member
A friend of mine has been needing a flywheel and stator for his Kohler 20hp Command Twin due to the magnets coming off. I found him one on Market Place about an hour away. Once we got there this guy had a lot of tires and wheels too. I got a replacement pair of 20x8x8 wheels and tires for my yard trailer that broke down recently. Also got two brand new 15x6x6 for the Brinly trailer but realized I had 8” wheels on that when I got home. :eek:I got all them for $40. and my friend got his flywheel and stator for $80. I’m going to get back with the guy to see if he has anymore 8” tires for the Brinly.
I'd have bought them for that. I went on a wild goose chase via CL that cost me ~1/2 a tank in my Dakota for 4 free, used takeoffs in those sizes to replace the rotten and split ones on one of mine. the fronts ended up not holding air overnight but were at least "tube-able" unlike the originals. One back tire lost its charge after about 2 weeks.... the ad-lister said "all hold air" but didnt say for how long. The one front especially bothers me, with how/where I saw it seeping/bubbling when I first aired it up tubeless. But even so, an improvement over what was on the machine when I dragged it home. buying new at the local farm store would cost ~$250/all 4. wasn't ready for that, on a machine that I had yet to even hear run/move under its own power.