For Sale some (mainly) cub cadet stuff

dodge trucker

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I have some Cub cadet stuff for sale, have to start somewhere on price, everything listed is OBO.
Prefer NOT to ship most items, might do so on smallest 2 or 3...… most is larger than that.
I would rather do TF Express (with assistance of members here, that is) and/or meet up within reason.... I live 1 hour S of Chicago.

1. Red "windbreaker" cab, never tried to mount, I think its all there. Good shape just real dusty/ $125

2. 38" triangle deck older "pin on" style (not QA) with deck hanger has cast iron nose piece and both ends, good shape, both belt guards there, spins free, looks like some newer parts (idler and belt for sure, maybe blades too) No welded spots, very solid/ but could use some new baffles fabb'd up and welded in/ $60.

3. 2 seat/fender pans. one a little nicer than other, some scratches but straight and solid. One has a couple of extra "PO added" holes by reflector area. $30/ea.

4. front axle with both spindles, off of (I forget which) a 129 or 1650 $40

5. steering box from 129, I cant remember but I think I went thru it and inspected it, cleaned nasty old grease out and put fresh in, and adjusted it all up.
should be ready to go. $40

6. rear end with hydro. Rear end great shape, disc brake version from 1650. Brand new brake pad material installed from Mc Master carr, and new axle seals. All cleaned up an degreased. I didn't put the rear end cover gasket in or the cork gasket. Hydro itself uncertain about, never ran that tractor. Hydro from 129. (I wanted the 1650's ported pump on my other 129) $80.

7. spring assist off of 129, $50.

8. (start of non Cub specific parts) I have 2 Ariens GT axles with spindles. $40/ea.

9. 2, K301s, one WH spec with starter/gen, other pull start from IDK what. This one has 2 ID tags, has much more recent-looking shortblock than the tins indicate. shortblock still Kohler gray. Carbs freshly boiled on both, new tuneup parts on both, new head gasket on WH engine, have had both running, but haven't put gas in either since cleaning carbs. Asking $150/ea. Have these on CL for $200/ea,

may trade some of what's listed for a Cub sprc K301-321 that is rebuildable-- preferably not blown up, not stuck, and not a basket case, as complete as possible.
but may consider those too at lower trade value. prefer rebuildable engines, at worst.
also looking for snow cab to fit an Ariens GT. Only things I'd be interested in trading for at the moment.

PM me here, then we can swap phone #, I think that would be best scenario for pix. As much as I am on here, posting pix to a website (in general) still gives me fits.... computers aren't mechanical, haha.....