SS16 off the trailer


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A buddy drug this SS16 home a little over a year ago.
Just to save it,he's not a Sears guy.
It sat on his pasture for a year on the trailer.
He is retired,selling his property and moving south.
He about has it all cleaned up.
So he called me a few weeks ago and said "come and get this Sears or its going to scrap".
So I ran to his place and got it.
I'm not a huge fan of the 73 and up Suburbans. I love the 72 and back and my main focus is the 66 and 67,68 standard Suburbans but I always try to save tractors no matter the brand or year.
So i brought this one home thinking I would just sell it and give him part of the money.
I finally decided to take a look at it so I drug it over to the shed.
The Onan looks almost new ! Like maybe a very low hour factory replacement.
All the wiring is intact and someone did a nice job of adding a oil pressure gauge !
The points cover and air cleaner is missing.
These tractors never start out right out of the field but I had to try. With a boost box I hit the key and it spun over ! But no fire at the points. A quick clean of the points with emery cloth and spark !
A little gas in the carb and the Onan fires right up ! It sounds beautiful and no smoke ! I'm impressed !
The oil pressure gauge makes it up to 25 psi before the carb runs out of fuel and the amp gauge shows that it charging too.
I'm very impressed now,these tractors never come in from pastures and fields this intact and runnable,at least not to me.
So I try getting it to run on the fuel line from a can. No luck.
I pulled the carb apart. Its brand new inside !
The fuel pump on the other hand is filthy inside.
So I clean it and install a brand new diaphragm and gasket that I have on the shelf.
Still won't pull fuel and that's where I left it last night.
I will get back to it in a day or two....maybe.