Stihl 026 carb clean


This saw had become very hard to start over the last several years. When it sat for several days and was cold you would have to pull 15 to 20 times to get it to go. Once running it was fine for the rest of the day. I decided to put a kit in the carb and got a new air filter for it. Ran the carb through the new Sonic Cleaner and installed the new diaphragm and gaskets. The old diaphragm looked OK but was a little stiffer feeling than the new one. The air filter on these also have the choke built into them. The old one didn't seem to seal very good anymore. The new one wasn't much better but I could see some plastic burrs holding it open. Shaved those down and got a much better seal. Installed the carb and filter and gave it a try. Since the carb had no fuel it took about 10 pulls to get it to fire. Did some tuning on the carb and shut it down. This morning I tried it again and it fired on the 3rd pull. Better than its been it years. Time to go cuttin'.


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My wife’s grandfather has a chain saw that does the same thing. It’s a newer saw not sure of the brand. It takes forever to get it going but once it’s started once it starts perfectly fine the rest of the day…
I pull the plug and give it a shot of fuel.. Pop the plug back in and pull it 4 or 5 times with the throttle wide open till it fires. Then choke and normal start the rest of the day.. I'm really getting tired of working on saws and weed whackers.. My patients ain't what they used to be..
Well guys when I want to saw wood I grab the saw down off the shelf after a year or two , plop a battery in it ,hit the trigger and saw my couple pieces of wood.
Just foolin with you guys a little. I ain't no lumberjack but god I don't miss dickin with chainsaws. !