Terramite T5c hydraulic question


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Hey guys, my T5c acts funny going uphill forwards, but is fine forwards. When going uphill it acts like a mechanically driven would when slipping, It also jerks slightly. Reverse has no issues at all. I switched the hoses on the drive motor, so forward on the pedal went backwards. Even when switched, forwards still isn’t right; therefore, would you guys agree the motor is the issue? If reverse acts up with the hoses switched, I would say the pump, agree or disagree?

The system is pretty simple, the engine drives a unit which is the hydraulic pump, and forward/reverse control valve. The unit has two lines to the motor, as well as a supply, return, and supply to the other controls.

I took a picture of the pump and motor to give an idea. I also got a picture of the tag on the motor. Hopefully somebody can confirm my thoughts before I look into rebuilding or replacing the motor. Thanks!!