the 212 CC Predator engine.


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Put this engine on a MTD 24 inch snow blower I found at the curb a few years back. Right from the get go I was totaly impressed with the power this so called 6.5 HP engine had. Of course I did the impeller close out mod and I can throw slush 25 feet. Give me some dry fluffy stuff and I can make it to the neighbours yard 75 feet away. Try not to though as I don't want Bill mad at me.

It isn't kept here at home is is in the back garage at Kares moms house so it doesn't get played with when i finish a drive way. Take it to the garage let idle out side while I clean the snow off it, then I run it inside and shut it down. once it quits I turn the switch back to run so next use all I have to do is set the choke and throddle like yesterday and one pull it is running.

I did have problems with it to first year. It would quit like out of gasoline for no reason, I knew the tank was nearly full as I had filled before heading to work it.

You know a lot of cart raceing people use that engine? So I got in touch with some of them and asked what they thought the problem. I already had my Ideas tank venting wasn't so good. they comfirmed that thought and told me to cut the vent hose inside the air box ( I removed the filter when I thought it was clogging with snow dust.) and install a T hose fitting. No more problems with that stalling.

I Have a non Hemi version on my wood splitter that does a great job. I have another Hemi version one on my Troy built Tomahawk chipper shredder. I hope to get another one this summer for a Troy Built Horse tiller.

As far as engines go I would compair it to Alikine batterys and rechargeables. So cheap compaired to others it can be abused and thrown away and still be money ahead. But take care of it and it will start on 3 pulls max.

The cart guys are getting up to 20HP out of those 212CC engines.

The way to tell thre Hemi version is by the valve cover. the stamped steel one is the non hemi. the cast alum one is the hemi version.

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