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Might be hard to find a 'direct' replacement for that blade!


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What brand is this mower? I have seen mulching blades 'sort of' like that at the box stores.
It’s Yardworks. Made for big box store here in Canada. The engines are very good. I had bought a used Yardworks lawn mower($60) and 15 years later still ran great when I sold it for $20. Now I sort of need lawn mower for area I can’t access with garden tractor.


I saw one blade that looked like that, I caused it...

During my first job on a Christmas tree farm, the owner had me cutting his lawn with a snapper mower. He was known to buy cheap parts, I was mowing under the Walnut tree, hit a Walnut, and put a perfect 90 degree ear on one side of the blade. By the time I got everything stopped and shut down, it looked like a helicopter crashed in the yard, it got worse.

Since the snapper was out of commission, he set me up on the Kubota and away I went. It was the biggest tractor I had run to date at the age of 14. Not thinking about the headache rack on it, I managed to efficiently remove all of his wife's clothes lines. I was never tasked with mowing the yard again.