Truck cap storage....


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Shed related, so bear with me.....

I take the cap off my truck in the summer. I have stood it up at the back of the garage, stored it on the trailer etc....It always seems to be in the way. I got the bright idea to build a stand for it. A few skids and 2x4s later and we have this. I can pull the truck up beside it and slide the cap off or on...... As you can see it also serves as a garage for 1 tractor. Frees up some space in my shed.

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I like that idea, Poncho! I don't have a topper right now but wouldn't turn one or two down if the right deals came along. It could be a way to keep the county from taxing a person on a shed too. "I've got to have somewhere to store my 10 toppers, Mr. code enforcer!"---LOL!