Well I dug some blue potatoes today.


If we didn't have an excellent Farmers market in town we would do a lot more gardening.

We don't have any dirt engaging attachments for our garden tractors so the startup costs would be fairly high. We have considered putting some plants in buckets to have some fresh vegetables to use however a full garden wouldn't be feasible at this time for us.

The produce section is sort of a work around as far as I'm concerned everything is shipped a long way and lacks the flavor of fresh picked.
If you think about it carrots, onions, tomatoes don't grow in a garden like the store bought ones, The ones in the produce section are the same size and shape. I'm sure they are modified to grow very quickly and be the same size and shape to be easy to pack and ship.

The ones we used to pick out of the garden were all different in shape and size and maturity.

holdenboy1960 (Shane )

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supermarket has no comparison to homegrown Tomatoes my thoughts, last summer was a disaster for me with the drought as not being there enough to water regularly enough and the raw heat ,

i never got any produce untill the start of Autumn then only minimal veggies, a dozen jap pumpkins, 5 champagne watermelons ,cherry and regular table tomatoes came good as it cooled off in autumn , potatoes were a flop , the 2 onion shallots done well

thinking it's going to be the same this summer too