What is this tool?


On vacation at my brother's farm helping going through the shop sorting various belts from the past 20-30 years and came across this tool.IMG_20190724_105821764_TOP.jpgIMG_20190724_105821764_TOP.jpg OTC brand the number is 202163.IMG_20190724_105821764_TOP.jpg The top has angle marks. Anyone know what this was used for? I tried Google search but no results.

diesel nut

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I wonder if it's for timing something like an injection pump or belts on an overhead cam engine. Was it in any sort of box or just laying in a pile? I know IH used OTC to make a lot of their specialty tools, if it was in a box that might give some sort of clue where to look other than OTC


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I know nothing, but wondering, is the measurement one and one half inch’s from center to the end of measurement either left or right. ?
And what ever it was placed on to measure, it would have to have a pointed needle to point at the measurement you wanted.
Just thoughts.