Case VA?


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A neighbor stopped by today and said he had picked up a tractor. I told him I thought i had seen him go by pulling a Case.
Georg's tractor 003.jpg

He ask if I could identify it for him. Every thing I have found says the serial# should be on the dash.

Georg's tractor 014.jpg

I see a couple holes where something used to be.

The block

Georg's tractor 010.jpg

Georg's tractor 009.jpg

Georg's tractor 002.jpg

The "repair"

Georg's tractor 011.jpg

Rear view

Georg's tractor 004.jpg

I have a few questions. Is what he has the Continental or the Case engine? I understand that depending on year both were used.
Is there a way other than the apparently missing serial # tag to determine the year.
Is this in fact a VA.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


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One of those for sale here where I live. I don’t own it or have it for sale. Just found it the other day browsing thru the ads. If I had the money I would get it. Maybe. I think it’s a Case VA, from other pictures I found on the Internet. I’m not sure if the years that are posted are correct. I think they started in 1942 up to 1955.


The two last pictures are from tractor data.


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This is a 1954 Case VAC my dad bought new in 1954. It was a VACEX really with a continial engine, live power which case people will say the VAC never had. But I have baled many a bale with it and a old IH T45 bailer.


On the farm it was considered my tractor as I used it the most. here i am in the seat my brother on the right hand fender and a cousin on the left hand fender.



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At a casual glance, the V and VA series are very similar.
First thing, overhead or L head?
If overhead (as pictured) then case engine, VA series.
The wide front.usually makes it a VA, but it could be a VAI. The Vai is an industrial version, and has a road gear that you don't want to use.
I cannot quite see the front end well enough to tell if it is adjustable width or fixed.

If fixed, then possibly Vai but if adjustable probably VA.

if you can find the parts manual for a VA, it will show parts that were different for different years/serial numbers. You can really narrow down the year with that.
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