Interesting Deck Spindle Design


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I seen a video about why so many deck spindle bearings are failing on the newer tractors. Both upper and lower bearings are the sealed type. The zerk if there is one is basically there to make you think your maintaining the deck. Even if you fill the large housing no grease will enter the bearing. He suggested removing the bearing and remove the bearing seal ring facing the inside of the housing then reinstall. He never said so but the thought is this was an intensional design to cause failure in a short time.

My thoughts are pack the open bearing like we use to do and leave the inner seal off then fill the housing with grease.


Daniel In KY
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I often just use a razor knife and take a nick out of the inside seals, next to center. This way grease gets in, but gyro forces grease outward, and with bulk of the seal in place, it keeps grease from falling out of top bearing when hot, leaving all in lower bearing and top bearing running dry. Of course you can completely remove the inner seal on bottom bearing.