Need Ideas on how to bend


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If you are just trying to pass inspection, then I would cut patches and weld directly on top of the existing fenders. I wouldn't worry about dressing welds or anything. Grind back to bare metal, cut an oversized patch, weld it on top, spray with some cheap paint and get inspected.

Then start putting back a few dollars for good fenders.


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Ok. She’s all fixed up for now. On to the tires and brakes. Only painted the fenders. Will to the rest in a few weeks time. And the wheels need rust removed and then put paint on.
All new wiring last year, whew, gald that’s done.
Thanks to every one for your comments and ideas. This place is better than google for finding ideas and more personal.
I just used some sort of rust paint that is semi gloss. Hehe good thing. Will hide some of the left over rust and my welding spots. Be less shiny tomorrow.




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I see I'm too late but if I were worried about an inspection I'd have put duct tape over the holes as neatly as possible and then put rough texture bed liner over it to hide, seal, and protect the tape. New metal welded over old rusty metal will rust pretty quick but it did what you needed.
best of luck!! ;)