Sawdust’s Garden 2023

Carolyn's daughter & sister both said they did not like venison. We started making chili one fall with half and half ground beef and venison. After they ate it several times they decided it wasn't so bad after all. Lot of that is psychological, probably the same with me and Mexican food. I love watching other people eat a taco in a eating place. Pick it up, turn it around tilt their head as far as possible to one, side the tip the taco the other way, lean clear over their plate and bite while half the goodies squirt out on their plate.
I’ve had venison roast, steaks, jerky, summer sausage, roasted tips, and chili. A friend tried to trick me on the chili. Once I got the first bite in I knew it was there. I did eat that to keep from hurting his feelings but I did not like it. I’ve had a lot of wild game meat and liked it but not venison.
I pulled up all the cucumbers, squash, and zucchini vines and hauled them to the compost pile. The last couple of weeks been getting 2-3 tomatoes but now it’s a peck basket every 3-4 days. The Roma’s are late but plants are heavy. The Super Steaks which I don’t care for because they always crack or are deformed. This year has been the worst for them. It looks like they mutated into 3-4 tomatoes together. We ended up with almost 2 1/2 bushels of beans mostly half runners. The rest will dry for seeds. The corn is just now making ears and tasseling. Potatoes are dying off fast, been digging new potatoes for about a month. Three plantings of carrots and mostly nothing except for some weeds I’ve not had just in that raised bed. It’s almost like the packets were weed seeds instead of carrots. Beets are doing ok nothing to brag about but we still have a lot canned from last year. Peas died off almost overnight for some reason. I won’t be doing bush cucumbers no more, nothing bush about them runners went everywhere. Peppers are doing good been picking several bell, and jalapeños the poblanos are not big enough yet. With the beans dying off and some other stuff gone it’s almost like Fall which I’m ready for. It’s been such a hot and dry year. Very thankful and blessed.


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