And more junk.

Our thanksgiving was a month or so ago Doug. Oct 9/23 I think it was. No holiday this week. Funny thing is. All we hear is Black Friday sales here for weeks before and after Black Friday. And it has nothing to do with Canada. As far as I know.

Whatever it takes to get money from people! The girls in the family had a 4 or 5 year tradition to go black Friday shopping. They would be at stores openings all dressed alike in crazy colors so they could spot each others in the mobs! Them women were nutcases---LOL! They have all scattered into different states now and don't get together for it like they used to.

Did a small amount of tractor related work today. Got the Gardenway hydro LT and the Craftsman GT5000 ready for winter since they have to sit outside. Got the batteries out of them, brought into the battery bench in the shop and put on maintainers.

This is the second winter on those tractor body bags so we'll see if they hold up one more time! Last year the GT5000 and the MF1450 were under the bags. The 1450 is on the lift this year, so all three Massey Ferguson's are now inside.


It gets a little tight in here with the Denali inside too! We are taking it to Aberdeen Wednesday night so checked it out for the drive, and cleaned up the interior. Still need to clean the inside of the windows.

Still had no luck with the photoshop program for the iMac computer. I think this computer is about 2 years older than the software our daughter left here. It seems like a good machine for what I want just need to find compatible software.

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How do the tractors hold up over winter Doug under those tarps ? Do they condensate in there. Do you put bounce dryer sheets or mothballs in there to keep the varmints out ?

I just covered them up last year with no other precautionary measures, Noel, did the same this year. Western South Dakota climate doesn't really get much chance for condensate under things like this. Low humidity and lots of wind. About the only critter that might try to get under them is a few feral cats that run around here. Since they are sitting on gravel, that helps keep mice and such out of them too.

Played phone tag with the house insurance company after I got home from a doc appt and Sam's Club this morning. Finally got out to the shop about 3pm. Built an extension for that 3 point rake on the MF1450.


I didn't worry about being perfectly square as I just put a 3/8" bolt through the adapter tube. Sure didn't need a full size hitch pin. It was a pre built hitch extension I cut some pieces off of to build the 3 point T-Frame out of a couple years ago. Of course that hitch extension came out of the scrap metal trailer at my former job!

I had to raise the overhead door a few inches to put it on the tractor. So windy I didn't even want to do that!

It moves the rakes back about 30" from without the extension, and about 5-1/2 feet from the rear of the tractor. Maybe I will be able to rake leaves away from the driveway culvert out in the ditch in front of the house. Now that the brake should work, might be able to back down into the ditch a bit, lower that contraption and maybe drag out the cottonwood leaves. May not even get tested this fall since I'm so late getting it ready! Raised the lift back up with the rake on it for now. Got some stuff to do getting ready for our drive to Aberdeen on Wednesday afternoon like my laundry tomorrow!

Have a safe trip and enjoyable stay.
Thanks, Chris! Unfortunately we will be driving at night. Our son can't get off work early enough tomorrow to drive during the day. We will get in to Aberdeen around midnight. Loree got us an Air B&B at a lake a few miles NW of Aberdeen. Looks like a pretty nice place.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!